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Donald Trump is coming back to Britain - let's show him whose side we're on!

Donald Trump is coming back to Britain very soon.  We're sure there will be large numbers of people wanting to protest again. But we want to make sure when he visits some lasting good comes of it. We want to put our money where our marching is.
So let's use the opportunity of Trump's state visit to directly benefit groups working with those he's sought to exclude or marginalise. 
We’re asking Britain to support those who really deserve our attention, by contributing to their work as a way of positively protesting.
By donating to one of this fantastic coalition of organisations, you can show Trump whose side we're on and we can increase our collective power to support those he excludes at the same time.

 Abortion Support Network (ASN) is a charity that provides practical information, financial help and accommodation to people forced to travel from Ireland, Northern Ireland, Malta, Gibraltar and the Isle of Man and pay privately for abortions. 

The Dahlia Project is a specialist service for women who have undergone Female Genital Mutilation. We provide therapeutic support groups in areas of London where there is need so that women can access support easily.

EJF works to protect both people and our planet. We believe a safe and secure environment is a human right. Our vision is for a world where natural habitats and environments can sustain and be sustained by the communities that depend upon them for their needs and livelihoods.


The Fawcett Society is the UK’s leading charity campaigning for gender equality and women’s rights. We believe in a society where no one is prevented from reaching their full potential because of their gender.

GirlDreamer is an empowerment platform for the next generation of women of colour. Through providing leadership training, professional development opportunities and community initiatives, we seek to create more access and better representation of women of colour at all levels and in all areas of life. 

Gendered Intelligence was established in 2008. We deliver trans youth programmes, support for parents and carers, professional development and trans awareness training for all sectors and educational workshops for schools, colleges, universities and other educational settings.

Help Refugees is a group of everyday people taking joint action to improve the lives of refugees.


They’re Europe’s biggest facilitator of grassroots aid in Europe, providing funding, support and volunteers to 80 projects across the continent and the Middle East. 

HOPE not hate is the UK's leading anti-racism and anti-fascism campaigning group. We work in local communities to help challenge the threat of hate and create a more tolerant, inclusive approach to society.

Operation Black Vote exists to ensure we have greater racial justice and equality throughout the UK. We seek to inspire BME communities to engage with our public institutions in order to address the persistent race inequalities we face in areas such as: education, health and employment.

Learning Disability England helps people with learning disabilities to have a stronger voice about the things that matter to them.


People with learning disabilities suffer inequalities in every aspect of their lives and our work is all about changing that.  Join us or donate.  

RECLAIM is a charity supporting a diverse new generation of working class young people who want to be seen, heard and lead change. We deliver leadership programmes and campaigns led by young people determined to challenge the barriers, stereotypes and stigma working class people face.

Safe Passage opens safe and legal routes so that refugees, predominantly children, can access their right to reach a place where they can lead a full life.

Southall Black Sisters (SBS) is one of the UK’s leading organisations for black and minority (BME) women. The bulk of our work is directed at assisting women and children to assert their fundamental rights and freedoms.

 We were founded 30 years ago by a group of people who wanted to break down barriers to equality.  Since then we’ve made a big difference to the lives of LGBT people here and around the world. In the UK, the LGBT movement has won employment rights. Parenting rights. Partnership rights. An equal age of consent.  There’s lots for us to celebrate – but there’s also lots for us to do before we achieve our mission of acceptance without exception.

Women for Refugee Women challenges the injustices experienced by women who cross borders to seek safety. We work in three ways:

We work at the grassroots to support and empower women who are seeking asylum.

We work with the arts, media and public events to tell women’s stories.

By publishing research and informing politicians, we try to create a fairer asylum process.

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